Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Notes from Ubuntu Open Week

I have been listening in on the Ubuntu Open Week discussions on IRC (#ubuntu-classroom on the FreeNode network). Of particular interest was the forum with Mark Shuttleworth (sadfl), who was answering questions. One problem with the IRC forum is that is is difficult to respond in depth to the questions that are raised. The following are some of my thoughts based on the on-line discussion. From IRC Seveas: ToonArmy: QUESTION: What needs to be done to push FOSS software in UK schools today? I have come through schools that have used almost exclusively Microsoft software and other propriatery software solutions, for almost everything. It could save huge amounts of money o licensing etc. and the Vista upgrade looks a scary one for most education establishments. sabdfl: ToonArmy: we should not push the "save huge amounts of money" button sabdfl: instead, we should ask how the govt plans to provide for: sabdfl: - musician pupils sabdfl: - statistics pupils sabdfl: - physics pupils sabdfl: - language pupils sabdfl: - comp sci pupils sabdfl: ... This is also a problem in Australia, and I agree with the solution. We need to ask these questions of our educators and show that there are alternatives, provided by our community which are much, much better.