Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ubuntu mentioned in South Australian Parliament

In a speech ("Matter of Interest") to the South Australian Legislative Assembly, Dennis Hood of the Family First Party spoke about Free and Open Source Software, and in particular about Ubuntu and it's founder. From the press release: FAMILY FIRST MLC, Dennis Hood, will make submissions in the South Australian Legislative Council today - calling for IT funding criteria to be opened up, so that our school children can benefit from the Free and Open Source Software 'revolution'. The Hon Dennis Hood will also call for a computer demonstration lab to be set up in S.A., so that schools, libraries, and other institutions can decide whether 'open source' is for them. "Open Source often has significant advantages over proprietary software. With developers all over the world freely and constantly improving the software, it is little wonder that many Open Source solutions are now outpacing Microsoft solutions", Mr Hood said. A copy of the speech can be found here: I would like to acknowledge Janet Hawtin as well as members of the Australian LoCo team for their assistance with the speech.

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